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photo-album of Andrei Gavrilov & family

Gavrilov playing Rachmaninov second concerto, russia 2004
Gavrilov with his great supporter in music and life, Alexander Lebedev (politican, finance)
Gavrilov with Gorby and Genscher - men who helped him to survive
Gavrilov with his wife Yuka and the former (1982 - 1996) German chanselor Helmut Kohl
Gavrilov with the great wirter Chingiz Aitmatov
Gavrilov and the head of the Russion democratic party "Yabloko" Grigory Yavlinsky
Gavrilov with his great friend Gorby at his 75th birthday
Gavrilov with his wife Yuka and Gorby
Andrei and Gorby enjoing Scryabin at Andrei's Moscow studio
Going trough the music score together
rare opportunity to relax for two very busy men
Gavrilov at improvised master class in Alma-Aty during his all Russian tour 2007
Gavrilov and Almata at Kazachstan MTV Studios
Christmas of the Gavrilov-family in Andrei's favorite city Rome
Andrei's only son Arseni, named in honor of a great Russioan Poet Arseni Tarkovsky
Arseni, Gavrilovs son, at his Moscow place
father and son Arseni in 2005
Andrei with Arseni in St. Moritz - ski holiday in 2006
Happy hours :-)