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3/25/2019 : 5:00 pm : +0100

A warm welcome to the homepage about and with Andrei Gavrilov!



Homepage Andrei Gavrilov

This site is an authorized web-page about and with Andrei Gavrilov.

Although we tried hard to verify our information we can not gurantee for it in any way.

Please notice that all fotos and music examples you can download or play on this site are under legal copyrights.
Feel free to use it for personal purpose but whenever used commercial please contact us BEFORE using, we'll find a way to licence it.

But now to the phenomenon it is all about:



In my opinion he is one of the most remarkable musicans we ever had and still have. Technically there seems to be hardly any limit. But technique is never a self-referncing gift, but always serves musical intelligence and brilliant and impressive interpretations.

But what was the way Andrei Garvilov had to take, to be there? What was given, what is aquired and how did he have to struggle - not only musically! - for it?
This webpage is supposed to give you information as well, but foremost to introduce into the world of Andrei Gavrilov by narrating stories. Some of them are written by the initator of this site and is not "neutral" in any way. But when are things that go to the heart neutral?
We cooperate with Andrei Garvilov himself - but we are still on the way to transform this website and combine it with information of the site



Please take notice that the web design and the formatting has just begun and we'll improve it step by step!

Don't hesitate to give us feedback how to improve this website.

But now, enjoy the site and hope to see you again!



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